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Love's Labor Lost

A New Book by Ruth Ellen Johnson

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Love’s Labor Lost

A book by Ruth Ellen Johnson

She stands alone at the edge of a precipice, a mother unable to process what’s transpired. Once so full of hopes and dreams, her mind sees only a gaping hole, like one prepared for a casket—her heart excavated and cast in the dirt pile beside it, ready to be buried with her child.  No more hugs, no more smiles, no more fights that she’d gladly exchange for the reality facing her. This loss may just consume her. Is this it? Is this how her motherhood journey ends? 

It’s not supposed to be this way…

Ten brave mothers tell their story of loss—the sudden numbness of shock, the raw transparency of pain, and the valiant struggle to find motivation and purpose to live on in the harsh world that took their child. 

Hear their words, feel their anguish, ask their questions. Then walk with them from grief to hope. 

Love’s Labor Lost will ask you to face the most unimaginable grief and challenge your understanding of life’s meaning and the reason for your existence.

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